Don’t Discriminate the Breed

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How would you react if you became next to or close to a stray dog? Would you respond by running, yelling, or even kicking or hitting the animal? Would you respond calmly, call animal control or even walk away? Just because the dog is mean doesn’t make it aggressive. Aggression is such a broad term and it’s not all bad. The four types I am going to address are protective aggression, territorial aggression, fear-motivated aggression, and pain-induced aggression. Aggression that happens when a mother protects a family member whether it is human or another animal is called protective aggression. Dogs that want to protect/defend their home or area is territorial aggression. An example is when you dog chases up and down the fence line. When a dog is scared it may protect itself for their own safety. That is known as fear-motivated aggression. This often occurs most then a dog is stuck or cornered. Pain-induced aggression is when a dog is in pain it can respond aggressively. When they do that it is to try and help their selves but it may injury someone else. That is why when you are approaching a wounded animal you do so with caution. A lot of people say aggression is random but it’s not. Aggression can be triggered many ways. It is also always response to something in the dog’s environment whether it is an action of a human or the appearance/attitude of another dog. Cesar Millan says any breed can cause trouble. The difference between an aggressive small breed like a Chihuahua
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