Don?t Get Burned

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     People normally associate firefighting with danger. When speaking to friends and family about entering into the fire service, everyone has said that firefighting is a dangerous profession. There has been several discussions about the hazards of battling fires inside burning structures. Concern has been expressed about the dangers of exposure to fire and the radiated heat from flames and smoldering materials. No one can deny that firefighting is a dangerous profession for all those reasons, but there is a much more common danger that is often overlooked. This is something that every EMS professional is at risk of falling victim to: burnout. Burnout, as we know it today, was said to have been originally…show more content…
     Burnout is a direct effect of too much stress. People know if they’re stressed. Stress hormones, like adrenaline, help us react to extreme situations, but if those hormones don’t turn off, they can wear the body down. Symptoms of stress can cause nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, headaches, stomach aches, and constipation. Lasting stress increases the risk of heart disease, impairs memory, weakens the immune system, and can accelerate the aging processes.      Some individuals who suffer from burnout actually become obsessive workaholics, others become chronically late or psychologically absent. Some people become angry, blowing up or growling at anyone who crosses their path. Others become quiet, introverted, and isolated, which can lead to serious depression. Some burnout victims become overeaters, begin to abuse alcohol, or other substances.      How long have you felt such pressure to succeed? How long have you noticed that your relationships with friends and co-workers have been affected? When did you start to lose your sense of humor? Finding the answer to these questions is the beginning restoring the balance and normality in your life. The next step is making some definitive changes in our life.      Once you recognize there’s a problem, take the action necessary to correct it. A lot of the methods used to relieve stress can also
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