Dont Get Me Started on Drug Abuse

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Don’t Get Me Started On Drug Abuse Drug abuse is no longer defined by the World Health Organization as a recognized current medical diagnosis. Instead, they have adopted substance abuse including drug abuse and other things. Do you agree that drug abuse among young people is a serious problem that we need to be more concerned about? In the United Kingdom, there are several recent studies released which show an increasing statistical trend in drug abuse affecting young people. Due to the Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) in 2006, 23% of 13-year-old teens and over 53% of 15 year-old teens reported that they had ever used illegal drugs in their lives. From the above statistical information, we…show more content…
This is undoubtedly that can help the teenagers stay away from drugs. If you are a drug user, do you have trouble in remembering what you were doing while you were taking drugs? Are you interested in going to a party that drugs are available? Have you ever hurt yourself for no reason? Do you often say or do things that hurt your friends and parents? These are early signs of drug abuse. Try to understand the true nature of drug use, and learn how to say no to temptations and enjoy a healthy life. Remember, taking drugs is always the worst and the naivest thing in the world. Think twice before someone invited you to join him or her. Think twice before you want to find excitement through drugs. Think twice before you curious of
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