Don't Let Stereotypes Influence Your Lives!

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In that corner there, we have the nerds reading their books with their greasy hair and in that corner we have the preps with shoes more expensive than cars, but with brains the size of peanuts. The preps are cool. The nerds? Not so much. And let’s not forget about the cheerleaders, the Goth’s, the teacher’s pets and all the other losers. I’ve heard about them all my life and called them that too. I also see kids call other people that all the time, so it’s normal… right? Honourable judges, teacher, and fellow students this is why I think that we shouldn’t let stereotypes influence our lives. Every time you label someone, every time you write a name on someone’s forehead with permanent marker it stays there, forever. And forever is a really long time for a label that’s not true to be roaming in someone’s head. Past studies have shown that people act poorly when they are stereotyped and have difficulty making better decisions and tend to rely on unhealthy food. Even if people are not the label that we call them, they would slowly start to act like the stereotype therefore proving to us that they are the label when in fact that they aren’t. Labelling someone doesn’t only affect the way some people act, but it also affects how you act. It is said that when we are around the people that we have labelled most of our lives, we somehow start to act like them too. For example when we are around elder people, we consider them slow and fragile therefore making our movements slow

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