Don't Sugarcoat the Topic of Slavery

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You read stories in history texts about slavery and how it was just a couple years ago. In my opinion Slavery is never taught how I think it deserves to be taught. The texts are sugarcoated or usually the slavery chapter is about 5-6 pages long. In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God you get to experience how it was to be a mixed woman. Keep in mind this story takes place after the slavery era but this is part of my argument, why didn’t Hurston dive deep into the facts of being a mixed woman. This book is more of a love story than the deeper issue it needs to tackle, how It was to be in that time dealing with the issues that she was dealing with. The issue could have easily been tackled, being one of the earliest of African-American literature. Many people would say that the African American race and the issue of dealing with racism are advancing because one of the first novels in that time doesn’t strictly focus on that topic. Instead it shifts to having a regular life and just falling with a few people. This is a disguse to make Hurston make the novel relatable to all audiences instead of making it only for African Americans to relate too. In my opinion Janie was treated like she was a white person and with her being mixed I know she had some type of issues with race. It should have been explored more in the story. The story took place in West Florida, Eatonville, Florida, and the Everglades during the early 1900s so she was bound to have some…

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