Essay about Don't Touch My Mama

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“Don’t touch my Doritos." For the 2010 Super Bowl, Doritos put out a commercial that was titled “House Rules”. In this commercial a young man comes to take a beautiful young, single mother out for their first date. While the mother is out of the room putting up the flowers the man brought, the man sits down to socialize with the son. As the man sits down he picks up one of the son’s Doritos, and just as he is about to put the chip in his mouth the son slaps him. After slapping the man the son says, “Don’t touch my mama, and don’t touch my Doritos.” This 2010 Super Bowl Doritos commercial is an example of visual rhetoric, because it appeals to the audience using pathos, ethos, and what the camera focuses to not just persuade the viewers…show more content…
Another technique this commercial uses is what the camera focuses on. When the camera is focused on the mother’s back side from the mans’ point of view the creators are telling the audience what is really on the man’s mind, and why the son says don’t touch my mama. The creators do the same thing with the bowl of Doritos. The camera also zooms in on the game controller in the boy’s hand. Through putting the focus on the boy dropping the game controller, the creators lets the audience know that things have just gotten serious and that something is about to happen. Aside from the different types of appeals, pathos and ethos, and camera focus; the creators are sending a couple of messages with the son’s actions. The first message is to get your own Doritos and not take someone else’s. This message comes across when the boy slaps the man and tells him to put his Dorito chip back in the bowl. By the son not being willing to share even one of his Doritos, the creators are telling the viewers not to share their Doritos with any one. The second message is that Doritos are just as important as mothers. The viewers can see this as the boy not only tells the man not to touch his mother but also to keep his hands off the boys Doritos. By doing this the boy in a way puts the Doritos on the same level of is mother making the chips just as import as the woman who gave birth to him. These techniques and hidden messages of the commercial make the commercial
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