Don’t Worry: Be Wise and Happy, Study on Wisdom and Intelligence

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Sexton (2014) emphasizes the need for wisdom as one ages in a convincing way attributed to the credibility of the information sources and the logical presentation of points. The article precisely states the benefits of wisdom, and explains that it is much different from intelligence, but they are both relevant. Although intelligence could be essential in grasping new things, wisdom facilitates understanding an issue from various perspectives. The article continues to note that wisdom helps in improving relationships with others due to the reflection it offers. Although wisdom could imply hesitation in decision making, it leads to more compassion and tolerance when relating with other people. It is categorically stated that humanity cannot be attained by an unwise person. Finally, the article states that wisdom allows one to arrive at greater truths, and that wisdom really matters, and should, therefore, be sought.
The study considers credible sources of information in its analysis. Information is collected from an assistant professor, who has been studying about wisdom and intelligence. The conclusion in the study by the professor alongside other researchers and scientists is drawn from primary data collected from 240 respondents varying in age. The conclusion, therefore, can be greatly trusted due to the unbiased quality expected in the research. Moreover, the scholars involved in the study are experts in the psychology field. The scientists focus on the emotional and

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