Doodle : Analysis Of The Scarlet Ibis, By James Hurst

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The Scarlet Ibis and Doodle: Analysis
There are two complex words that express the way humans live and how they get through life—pride and determination. Two words with massive connotations to them that can either result in a good or bad outcome. A good example is that of “The Scarlet Ibis” written by James Hurst. A fragile and determined little boy who dies due to his brother’s pride is compared to a bird known as the “scarlet ibis”. Doodle was born as a very fragile child. In his first few moments into the world, the majority of his family believed that he would die, however he proved them wrong and lived on for a few years. The scarlet ibis, a very exotic red bird, also faces its own challenges. James Hurst describes this through the perspective of the brother, who comes to the realization of all of his past mistakes. Even though Doodle does not resemble a bird, the treatment, death, and fragility of him and the scarlet ibis are quite similar and used to express James Hurst’s lesson that there are many obstacles to achieve true acceptance.
First, Doodle and the ibis are both treated as precious misunderstood creatures with their own personal imperfections. In the beginning of the story, Doodle’s brother is reminiscing on old memories and describes Doodle as “someone you meet in your dreams” (Hurst 342). Doodle, since birth, is aware that he cannot function like most of the other kids, for “he mustn’t get too excited, hot, cold, or too tired” (Hurst 345). He was born with

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