Door Of No Return Analysis

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In Yearning, hooks discussed the politics of feminist theory and cultural production through a collection of twenty essays on various stories on race and gender. Hooks theorize cultural criticism has operated in black life as promoting critical opposition, and allowing black people to practice critique. Yearning analyzed everyday blackness that would deconstruct those cultural productions designed to serve the interest in white domination. “Within the context of an apartheid social structure where practically every aspect of black life was determined by the efforts of those in power to main white supremacy” (3). bell hooks argues there are not enough studies to which racial integration changed black response to the cultural industry and cultural…show more content…
She theorizes this space as a rupture in history, a quality of being, and a state of consciousness. “Having no name to call on was having no past; having no past pointed to the fissure between the past and the present. That fissure represents the Door of No Return: that place where our ancestors departed one world for another; the Old world for the New” (5). Brand argues the Door of No Return is a metaphor for a collection of places symbolizing the historical physical departure and psychic renting of our past. “To live at the Door of No Return is to live self-consciously. To be always aware of your presence as a presence outside of yourself. And have “others” constantly remark on your presence as outside of itself” (49-50). Fanon addresses the desire and longing to be the excepted by white race. He also talks about erasing part of yourself (black body) in order to be cultivated into an acceptable identity. Brand contends the black body of who embraces it and how the body is a prisoner in captivity does not own this space. Brand believes blacks from the diaspora still feel captive despite the legality of freedom. The Moyihan report even states Black people were giving liberty but not equality. Brand coincides with Spillers’ article about how important the name is and how it has stripped the black patriarchal
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