Doors: The Biginning, the Action, and the End

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J.R. Tolkien implements imagination in The Hobbit to create a vast world of items and characters that provides a greater meaning than they are typically perceived to have. Throughout the adventure of the “team”, many items appear continuously, perhaps the most interesting one being doors. What makes doors interesting in The Hobbit, is that they are always presented at times of action or of great importance. In fact, without doors, the “team” may end up being lost or killed. Doors develop the character of Bilbo, and are the gateway to action and important scenes in The Hobbit by serving as the most important item regarding the pursuit of the treasure. The beginning of the book introduces the main characters and the adventure they will be…show more content…
Nearing the end of the adventure, the team is able to escape a herd of spiders. However, their fleeing leads them to be captured by a company of wood elves. Following the dwarf’s restraint upon the questions of the wood elves, they are placed in the dungeon. Bilbo is able to escape the capture with the ring, and spend this time examining ways for the dwarves to escape the dungeon. As Bilbo is devising a plan, he comes across barrels. “Hiding behind one of the largest barrels Bilbo discovered the trapdoors and their use” (Tolkien, 166). Groups of people on either side of the river that runs under the dungeon use these barrels and the trap doors to secure items inside during travel. Bilbo is able to catch one of the guardsmen napping, and uses these trap doors to secure the dwarves for escape down the river. Doors are of great importance during this time in the book, and the escape from the dungeon serves a greater purpose than just the escape. Up until this point, Bilbo’s place among the others has yet to be solidified, and although he has proven himself by using the ring, he has not yet helped the crew in a great manner. The fact that Bilbo identifies the trap doors and formulates a plan using these doors shows he truly is of use for this adventure. Tolkien implements the trapdoors in this situation to help Bilbo build his character and reputation among the dwarves. Alongside, the

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