Doping : Doping And Doping

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From the beginning of when mankind played competitive sports, they have sought to gain a cutting edge against their enemies. Uncommonly, there are records of the use of enhancing drugs that goes back to historical times. Doping is questionable the most talked about in today’s sports. Doping basically refers to the illegal use of drugs, mostly steroids, which are aimed at improving the performance of athletes. Doping has proved to be quite a setback in sporting competitions since athletes who do not deserve medals and some competitive titles end up being crowned as the winners. This topic has a very great weight since top athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez as well as Marion Jones have been on the limelight of the doping cases. These athletes tested positive for the performance enhanced drugs and as such, all the accomplishments starting from their medals and great titles were withdrawn. In this case, the three just serve as some examples to others who still use the drugs. Chiefly, dopers should be stripped of their names and medals since doping cases present a great shame to varied sports, tarnish the name of great athletes, give the dopers unfair physical advantage against the competitors and present false notions to the spectators concerning the strength and abilities of the athletes. Clearly, the famous athletes are described as heroes as well as mythical figures by the spectators. For instance, “Lance Armstrong had been known as an American
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