Doping in Sports and the Current Issues for Management

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Once and for all, I did not use steroids or any other illegal substance. (Mark McGwire) Doping in Sport and the current issues and challenges for sport management, how did it all start and what now? Sports in the world have been generating billions and billions of dollars for years. This money comes from sponsorships, media rights, and legal gambling. All of a sudden, out of know where several sports have been destroyed by doping. Doping has questioned the integrity of most sports on a global scale. A combination of sports businesses and the federal government has joined forces to place laws and punishments to stop the use of both performance enhancing and recreational drugs. For years it has been argued that small progress has been made due to ineffective plans and strategies for dealing with doping in sports because of commitment from the organization within. Many have opinions on the poor management and lack of reliable information to implement an appropriate doping policy. (Doping in sports, 2014)
The use of banned performance-enhancing drugs in sports is called doping. Using drugs to enhance performance is frowned on and is looked at from most as cheating and unethical. The reasons to shut down this form of cheating are mainly because of the health risk that comes with it, wanting all athletes to be equal in a since, and to push for a drug-free sport for all. Anti-doping authorities state that using performance-enhancing drugs goes against the "spirit of sport".
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