Doping is a Fool’s Game

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All athletes of all sports on a professional level must be required to undergo drug testing for performance enhancing drugs prior to participating in any sporting event to ensure an equal level playing field for all competing athletes, no matter the sport. Furthermore, performance enhancing drugs are illegal and must remain this way in order to keep fairness in the competitive world of sports. The bottom line is that athletes should not be able to do performance enhancing drugs and continue to be allowed to performance in these sports. The unfairness of doing these drugs does not allow for a fair game. Ultimately, these cheating athletes are superior in the field and dominate the other athletes that do not take steroids and how can you call that a fair game when the athletes are not equal in performance due to a enhancing drug. To further the argument, performance enhancing drugs must remain against the law to protect the athlete’s health and well being. If today’s athletes are going to be so careless and take these drugs, we as a society must step in and take control of what these athletes are putting in their bodies. And if they continue to break the law by taking performance enhancing drugs, then they must suffer the consequences by possibly being banned from the sport for an extended period of time or a lifetime ban, which is would a result of their salaries and livelihood, endorsements and possible prison time. We must take this issue with more than a grain

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