Doping is not Dope in Athletics

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Doping is Not Dope Should athletes be able to use performing enhancement drugs. Many athletes are trying to get a competitive edge on their competition and some start by taking performing enhancement drugs, even though taking them could be devastating and detriment to them personally. Using performance enhancing drugs comes with many risks physically and emotionally. Performance enhancing drugs is as known as “doping”. There are many kinds of steroids such as anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, androstenedione, designer steroids and stimulants to name a few (, 2012). Even though athletes see performance enhancing drugs as a positive and a career advancement advantage, all of them are very harmful to your body and has many side effects. Some of the advantages that the athletes see in these performance enhancement drugs are promotion of muscle building. It also helps them to recover after they have had a hard workout, which when a normal person works out, they are a lot of times sore from the physical activity; however these drugs make them less sore. In addition, these drugs temporarily boost Chism 2 performance in the athletes. It does give them an advantage over other athletes when it comes to performance of their sport. But it is an unfair advantage. While taking performance enhancing drugs, comes many side effects. For both men and women there are detrimental side effects such as circulatory problems,

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