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“Good morning/afternoon class and *teacher*, today I will be speaking about how Michael Parker, the author of Doppelganger and Peter Jackson, the director of the film King Kong, accurately portray the main concept of the Beast Within through the symbolism of masks and the notions of betrayal and duplicity. I will be talking about Josh and Andrew from Doppelganger, Carl Denham and the people that he manipulated and affected through his deception, from King Kong and explain their contributions to the main idea of the Beast Within, how they wear a mask and how they portray the concepts of Duplicity and Betrayal.”
Body Paragraph 1: (Doppelganger)
“In Parker’s novel, Doppelganger, a key character, Josh, shows that he has a
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The fact that Josh gave Andrew the QZ45 meant that there is now a whole new series of events that affect the storyline; Andrew ends up killing ‘boy’ because the QZ45 has a mental and physical effect, where the taker feels ‘ready to fight or kill’. In this case, boy makes Andrew angry, by slashing him with a knife during the chase in the tunnels, and Andrew goes on a crazy rampage and kills boy. Andrew soon becomes very guilty that he killed boy because he realises that in the normal Sydney ‘boy’ is a kid named Derek, who dies in a car crash, which makes Andrew logically believe that if one person is killed in the Dystopic Sydney, this same happening will reflect in a slightly different manner, in the normal Sydney. Josh also demonstrates the concept of the Beast Within through the plain evil of what he did to Andrew, the evil intentions of Josh were the reason why he did it, it wasn’t to save anyone’s life, like Andrew ends up doing later on in the text, but it was all part of Josh’s scheme to become the owner of the metsin factory so that he could become the richest and most famous person in the Dystopic Sydney, he was willing to kill many people to get his desire and he managed to get a whole gang of ‘hallboys’ to listen to him and do it.

Body Paragraph 2: (King Kong):
In the film, King Kong, Ann Darrow, a key character, is first seen as a nice girl who is

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