Doradon No Ikiko

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A long time ago in ancient Japan lived a man named Kai. Kai lived with his father and his girlfriend Akiko. He lived in a luxurious home in Hagi Japan, and his father was a famous Samurai. Kai loved his father and Akiko and he also had a very good friend named Yuki as well. Akiko and Kai had plans to get married, but one day it all went amiss. Kai wakes early in the morning to train with his father at the dojo. He notices that Yuki didn’t come to train that day, which was very strange seeing as Yuki is always at the dojo and hadn’t missed a day in his life. Even when he was ill, he still came. As Kai is on the road home he sees the gate to his house open and Akiko’s hair bow on the ground. He runs inside yelling “Akiko, Akiko, Akiko,”…show more content…
In one of the notes it says that she would be near a mountain called “Dragon’s Breath” which in Japanese is “Doragon no iki.” However the printing used to write this poem did not seem like Akiko’s writing. So he assumed that whoever wrote it had Akiko and was on Doragon no iki with her. Along the path to Doragon no iki, Kai finds a series of poems on the trail that Akiko must have dropped without whoever kidnapped her noticing, so Kai followed the trail of poems until he reached the bottom of Doragon no iki. Kai started up the mountain, but was faced with multiple problems. As soon as he got about halfway to the top, he started to freeze, and he was running on little food. Along the path, he found an animal which he killed, cooked, and ate. He also used the fur of the animal as a coat. Near the peak of the mountain, he was faced with a break in the path so he jumped onto a branch on the side of the mountain and swung as hard as he could sending him flying upwards, luckily he made the jump and carried on. Almost at the top he stopped to read the poems that Akiko had left him. He read the first one he
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