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The film (2009) started with Dorian killing Basil. Dorian was a young French man who went to London after the death of his grandfather because he was the sole heir. Dorian was good looking maybe, too good looking that he captured the imagination of the painter, Basil. Now, in the film, it seemed that Basil doesn’t look half as what the book describes. The book says that he was rugged but in the film he seemed to be as if a ladies’ man and very well groomed. He even introduced Dorian to Henry at the party which is not true in the book. There was also an underlying affection and fixation for the part of the painter towards Dorian. In the film, it was interpreted as love and lust.
We must acknowledge the influence of Lord Henry to Dorian. He
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He, having possessed the looks that could make any girls sway and the innocence and kindness he first had. Sadly, for Dorian he chose the wrong person to admire. There were two forces that has a direct impact on Dorian, Basil (the good) and Lord Henry ( the bad) but as seen in the novel, Dorian would always choose the advice of Lord Henry. Shrugging away the advices of Basil, he showed himself in his own down fall. Clearly, this shows one of the current events in the life of the youth: we turned away good advices to run after worldly stuff and in the end regret it just like what happened to Dorian. I could also see the similarities between Dorian and Faust. Two souls who have it all; given with so much yet still unsatisfied. And this greed let them made the decision to sell their souls to the devil. It was like aesthetic versus the metaphysical, beauty versus morality; the good vs. the bad. Similarly, Dorian could also be compared to King Midas, two wealthy people lost in their own desires and because of certain loss made them realize of their own actions. Dorian was also like Tangled’s Mother Gothel because they both wanted to stay young forever so they do evil things. Sometimes, it is the vanity that destroys the

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