Dorian Gray

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4/18/11 Heaven or Hell “The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.” (John Milton). How an individual lives their life is based on numerous things such as: how they were raised, what type of environment they are in. However, in The Picture of Dorian Gray the main character Dorian says “Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him, Basil!” (Wilde 133). What Dorian is saying is that no matter how one is raised, and what environment one is in they will always do good and bad. In, The Picture of Dorian Gray the character Dorian by nature is a humble charming good- natured fellow; however, once he meets Harry he turns into a secretive, sordid, egotistic human being. Dorian is a chief example for a person…show more content…
With this being said, Dorian can be held accountable for tarnishing his acquaintances reputations. By the same token, Harry can be held responsible for Dorian’s downward spiral to his treacherous end. In the Victorian era, who you know and what you do was your reputation. Therefore, if you did horrific things in your daily life, your name would be slandered and become rubbish in addition to being valueless if someone who you were acquainted with were to find out about your deeds. This was mainly only for upper class ladies and gentleman, such as, Dorian and Harry. Dorian was once a man who many people loved, admired and desired to know. However, once he began experimenting with drugs and all the tremendous amounts of vulgar acts he became a man “…that a man like the Duke of Berwick leaves the room of a club when you enter it…whom no pure-minded girl should be allowed to know and whom no chaste woman should sit in a room with…”(Wilde 127). Dorian’s reputation had gotten so bad wives and husbands separated and lived in different homes. Lady Gwendolyn’s children weren’t allowed to live with her and no one decent woman would take ride with her in a park. Just the mere mention of a connection with Dorian and someone else could ruin that person’s life. However, Dorian was not always so hellish and evil, but he was influenced to be; Harry Wotton was the trigger of Dorian’s downfall. Harry Wotton was a man of philosophies; however, these

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