Dorigen As A Fabliau Figure In The Courtly Model

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In the first scene, when Alisoun met Nicholas, she is depicted as a traditional medieval woman, who never made her own decision and perceived as an object of the male world. However, she eventually persuaded and shows a fabliau figure. In “The
Courtly Model”, Duby says “The woman, for her part, is still free to accept or reject his offer.” But, it implies Women’s figure is obedient and submissive chracter in a medieval society. Alisoun refuses Nicoloas like Dorigen at the first time because of the fidelity of the society, but later Alisoun accepts Nicholas’ desire for testing his cleverness and his physical strength. Eventually, she becomes wicked disobedient to her husband. Mainly, Dorigen shows this traditional figure with the virtuous,
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