Doris Quinn Video Analysis

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Doris Quinn video mainly deals with the frame work for quality improvement at MD Anderson mainly by 1) iInstitute of medical reports 2) Deming system of profound knowledge 3) Porter value model. Doris spoke very high about the Dr. W. Edward Deming and there combined travel experience until year 2003. She spokes about the Deming’s textbook of THE NEWS ECONOMICS which details the system of profound knowledge by means of 1) Appreciation for a system – knowing the system and suitable to it. 2) Variation knowledge 3) Theory of knowledge 4) Psychology Doris states necessary protocol to bring the change in system by stating the importance of optimize and sub-optimize to know the nature of work and ways to improve work .To bring a change in organization 1st be cool and calm then try to listen to people and understand the culture of organization, next apply knowledge to change the culture to desired output. She…show more content…
Doris opted FLOW CHARTS are best method for transformation in system. She states that before drawing flowcharts one must have blue prints and clear goals of charts in regards of 1) what is it? 2) Why is it used 3) when is it used? 4) What does it look like? According to her view a process flowchart is always chronologically correct, mathematically accurate and simply artistic. She details the flowchart showing quality improvement in MD Anderson by STEEP 1) Safe 2) Timely 3) Equitable 4) Effective 5) Patient centered. She describes the uses of multiple uses of flowcharts in following ways 1) OFIS- opportunities for improvement identification 2) calculate direct labor costs 3) Helps in new staff orientation 4) standardize process 5) Help to inform and educate people 6) Help to pick electronic nursing documentation system. She suggested some tips of using symbols in drawing flow charts like - Use ovals in starting and ending process - Use rectangle boxes in middle of
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