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Dormitory History From the beginning of the college in 1922 until the mid- to late 1960s, the college had functioned predominantly as a commuter campus. Most of the students were Arkansas City or Cowley County residents, certainly within driving distance to the college. The few who were non-residents were able to obtain housing from private citizens. During the 1960s, the number of students coming from outside Cowley County began to increase dramatically. College personnel such as Del Heidebrecht, Ben Cleveland, Bill Scott, and Dr. Gwen Nelson attempted to secure privately owned facilities in which students could rent. At the same time enrollment was increasing, the college also was losing potential students because of a lack of…show more content…
Its capacity was 40 students. Expansion of the facility began on Jan. 2, 1989, bringing the capacity to 86 students. The building, now known as the Kirke W. Dale Dormitory, was completed in time for the 1989 fall semester. The William R. Docking Dormitory was ready for occupancy at the beginning of the 1994 fall semester, and the college’s newest dormitory, Oscar Kimmell, was completed in time for the start of the 2001 fall semester. Typesssss Traditional Traditional-style dormitories consist of a room shared by two people with access to communal bathrooms, laundry facilities and sometimes kitchens. The buildings may house both sexes, but living spaces and communal bathrooms will be assigned to specific sexes usually by floor or by section. The benefits of this style are that all facilities except individual dorm rooms will be cleaned by janitorial staff. The downside of this style of dormitory is the lack of privacy that may occur in communal bathrooms. Suites Suite-style dormitories consist of two or more rooms connected by a bathroom. Usually, there are two people assigned to one room. Having a bathroom connected to your dorm room is convenient in the middle of the night or when you need to grab a quick shower. However, it falls on the occupants to clean the bathroom facilities Single Rooms Some colleges offer private rooms in their dormitories. These rooms will be occupied by one person. Depending on the
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