Dorothea Dix : The Right Time

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On March 28, 1841, Dorothea Dix was invited to teach a Sunday class at East Cambridge, Massachusetts women 's jail. The invitation was at the right time because Dix have already heard how horrible the conditions and treaments of the mentally ill were in Massachusetts, it was just not justified. After her class she toured the jail and was appalled by what she had discovered. The innocent, guilty, and the mentally ill were combined in the unsanitary, crowded, cells of the East Cambridge jail. In addition, a keeper in the jail stated that the prisoners did not need heat or ventilation because they did not need it. With a strong character and high morality of Dorothea Dix, she immediately took action that led to the betterment of the…show more content…
Dorothea Dix contributed so much for the betterment of treament and condition of the mentally ill and was achieved with her strong will and compassion for the degraded.

Dorothea Dix accumulated many powerful men in the government to help and support her in her movement. One of her many loyal supported was Dr. Samuel G. Howe. He was a physician and an advocate for the education of the blind. Dr. Howe was appointed chairman of the committee regarding Dorothea Dix 's first proposal of better treatment and condition in the mental institutions in Massachusetts. He greatly impacted Dix 's first memorial success. In one of his letters to Dorothea Dix, he stated, "I presented your Memorial this morning, endorsing it both as a memorial and a petition" (89). She gathered powerful men such as Senate Hon. Joseph S. Dodd who through him, Dorothea Dix accumulated several supporters in establishing the foundation of the asylum in the State of New Jersey, "It was first on January 25, 1845 that her first Memorial to the Legislature of New Jersey was presented to the Senate by Miss Dix 's stanch supporter, Hon. Joseph S. Dodd" (110). It also important to take into account how determined Dorothea Dix. She was not in favor of getting in contact with political men because she considers then biased and selfish for personal gain (). However, she bypassed all her uncertainty in order to improve and help
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