Dorothea Orem Nursing Theory Essay

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Dorothea E. Orem and Quality Care
Isabelle Young
SUNY Poly Institute
Theory Foundation of Nursing Practice
Dr. Marie Hess
October 28, 2017

Nurses working in hospitals today are challenged with getting their patients safely back home. This challenge begins with admission to the hospital. Nurses have less time to get patients to a state of well-being. Hospital stays are much shorter. Reimbursement for hospitals is based on the quality of care patients receive while in their care. Patient outcomes can be determined by the quality of care patients receive while in the hospital. The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory can be applied to improve the well-being of patients. This paper will analyze Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care
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She received many awards throughout her nursing career. Alumni Achievement Award for Nursing from the Catholic University of America in 1980 and the Linda Richards Award in 1991, from the National League of Nursing. In 1992 she was named an honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. Dorothea E. Orem’ contribution to Nursing Theory is Self-Care Deficit Theory. Dorothea E. Orem died in 2007 after failing health. (
Self-Care Deficient Nursing Theory
Dorothea Orem developed The Self-Care Deficient Nursing between 1959-2001. It has also been known as the Orem Model of Nursing. This theory is considered a grand nursing theory. This means the theory covers a broad scope with concepts that can be applied to all areas of nursing. A benefit of this theory is that it can be applied to a variety of patients and nursing practices. Orem proposed that the purpose of nursing is to help people meet their self-care needs. Nurses do for others what they cannot do for themselves. Individual well-being affects health. Central philosophy of Orem’s theory is that all patients want to care for themselves and they can recover holistically and quicker when preforming their own care. Orem identified three self-care requisites. The first is universal self-care requisites. These include needs that all people have such as air, water, food, activity, rest, and hazard prevention. Developmental
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