Dorothea Orem Selfcare Deficit Theory

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Dorothea Orem’s Theory: Self Care Deficit Critic Kouadio K. Koko BSN, RN University of Virginia School of Nursing Dorothea Orem’s Theory: Self Care Deficit Critic Abstract Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory of nursing is one of the major nursing theories. It pays particular attention to the role of the patient in their own rehabilitation, as it expounds the benefits of self-care. Orem’s theory is well documented and has been used by several researchers as a basis for their research. This particular theory of nursing is broad and can be applied to the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention. Many nursing schools have used this theory as a benchmark or guide in their curriculum development. Introduction The following is a…show more content…
Step 2: designing of a nursing system and a plan on how to deliver the care. Step 3: managing of the nursing systems which includes planning the nursing care, starting the nursing care and the control of the nursing care activities. Critique Purpose Dorothea Orem developed the self-care framework for the self-care theory of nursing. Most likely, the purpose of this theory is to provide context to the idea that patients need to be active in their own health care. Orem theorizes that one of the basic premises of nursing should be the participation of patients in their own rehabilitation; according to Orem, patient involvement is therapeutic in of itself. Orem’s work was divided into three theories: the theory of self care, theory of self care deficit, and theory of nursing system. Each of these theories is explained separately. But as it grew to be detailed, the repetition in explanations of the concepts occurs. In the theory of self care, Orem explained what is self care, self care agency, and self care requisites. Self care requisites by itself can well explain the theory of self care deficit. And can also particularly also explain the theory of the nursing systems. if you will view it differently from her perspective. It may be Orem came up with her theory in this way to have a wider topic and to better explain her theories no matter how repetitive. Without Orem’s many

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