Dorothea Orem's Self Care Model

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Nursing Theorist Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Model states, “Nursing care is required when an adult is unable to perform self-care sufficiently to sustain life, maintain health, recover from disease or injury, or cope with the effects of disease or injury” (Orem, 1991). Orem also takes into account that caregivers also need nursing care. Six concepts: 1. Self-care is the activities that people perform to maintain health. Self-care requisites: A. Universal- Margie’s daughter prepares her meals and encourages her to eat. She is able to swallow without difficulty and her appetite is fair. She does need prompting and set up, as she forgets simple things like putting a straw in a cup or cutting up a piece of meat. She is continent of bowl and bladder and bathes herself with minimal assistance. She tends to isolate herself, but enjoys cooking with her daughter. With four adults in a two-bedroom house, the house is cluttered. This is a safety hazard because Margie forgets to use her cane. B. Developmental- Prior to her aneurysm, Margie was very independent. Her family always came to her for advice and help. She is adjusting to her role reversal. During our interview, she stated, “Now I am the child”. C. Health deviation- Margie needs supervision with her medication. She does not know what her medications are for and forgets to take it, if it is not handed to her. She does not notice when her dressings are soiled and need changing. She is unable to change them herself. 2.
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