Dorothy Of The White House

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Dorothy Day grew up without a Catholic background, but had a strong will for social justice. She was a natural pacifist which she expressed even before converting to Catholicism. She worked for the Call which encouraged her picketing and strikes against social injustices. (57) Later, Dorothy also protested with women against suffragists in front of the White House and was arrested. During her time in prison, she got involved with a hunger strike which caused the demands to be met. (82) She had a strong will for the fairness of others.
Dorothy had lived in an apartment in Chicago for a short time. She became acquainted with Catholicism in a couple she had met there. After analyzing them, she realized they are not lonely like she is because they are Catholic. They have a God to love and pray to. (106) Dorothy began to gain Catholic faith while she was in a common law marriage with an atheist anarchist named Forster. He disagreed with and discouraged her faith, but this didn’t stop her. She found out she was pregnant with his child and wanted to baptize her in the Catholic church after she was born and later got herself baptized after working hard to learn religion. Forster left her for this. She chose God over man by this point. (140) This showed how important her faith was in her life. The Great Depression began and Dorothy’s awareness of the need for Catholic stance grew. “It was a time for pressure groups, for direct action, and radicalism was thriving among all groups…
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