Dorothy Parkera Poem Analysis

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Coda by Dorothy Parker has a negative connotation on the view of life. It is accurate to describe this as someone who is very pessimistic, or even a little bit depressed. Therefore I made the tone of my melody very dark and not inspiring to reflect the personality of the poem. In each subsequent bar I decrease the initial note down by a note to represent how the author believes that there is no reason or motivation for living life. It is seen in each bar that I begin an upward trend with each initial note but towards the end of each bar I placed a chord that sounds like it is disrupting the flow of progress and motivation. I see pessimism as a dangerous entity that can harm the happiness of others and I believe it is clearly seen with the scheme in which I have wrote my melody. In the beginning of the 5th bar I begin an upward trend of each subsequent initial note that emphasizes the author’s slight change in tone, form completely negative to only slightly negative, indicating that there might be a change in the author’s thoughts. But as the melody continues to build up it all comes crashing down once the author wrote “throwing the battle”, and “Would you kindly direct me to hell?”. The decreasing melody of sixteenth-notes emphasizes the throwing of the battle. A battle is something that is built up and the end of a battle a victor is decided, but instead of building up the author decides to throw the battle. Finally, the last note represent “hell”. It is the lowest note out

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