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The Dorothy S. Gallagher Health Sciences Endowment Scholarship Selection Committee: I am a current radiology student with the drive and motivation to succeed in my classes, so I can gain knowledge and apply it in a promising career. The fall of 2017, and spring of 2018 semester will be my final year at GBC. I enjoy going to GBC because I feel like the administration genuinely cares about their students. I am thankful I’ve had the opportunity to have office hours with my professors, and the chance to build meaningful relationships with my peers in the classroom. My goal is to succeed in my studies as a student in the Radiology Program with the financial help of the Dorothy S. Gallagher Health Sciences Endowment Scholarship. When I first started college, I knew that I wanted to help people as a career, and choosing radiology will help facilitate that desire to a life of community service. Receiving this scholarship will help me alleviate financial burdens and enable me to be more successful. I am currently working as a caregiver, librarian assistant, and finishing my first year in the Radiology Program. I am also taking classes on the side that will go towards my Associate of Arts degree. I will need that degree to transfer to Weber State University, so I can apply to their ultrasound program.…show more content…
I have a good relationship with my parents but they are unable to meet my financial demands. Attending GBC has given me the opportunity to receive an education that will benefit the lives around me. The Dorothy S. Gallagher Health Sciences Endowment Scholarship provides a chance for me to receive the credentials in health care I need to give back to the community. It is with great appreciation that I submit this application for your
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