Dorotka Goldstein: The Full Effects Of The Holocaust

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Dorotka Goldstein I was born on February 1, 1932. Eleven months before Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and fourteen months before the first Nazi concentration camp opened up. On my ninth birthday the German authorities started to round up all Polish Jews and send them to either the Warsaw Ghetto or concentration camps. The full effects of the Holocaust and World War II didn’t start to affect me until I was in the first grade. My father was a Jewish leader in Warsaw, Poland where we lived. We were middle class and I lived with my mother, father, and two older siblings. My father ran a soup kitchen for German Jewish refugees escaping Hitler’s reign. He also ran a large newspaper that was anti-Hitler. This automatically made him…show more content…
I know that when I woke up I could smell the blood and rotting bodies in the air. The camp was quiet there was no one there. The camp was in a secluded wooded area and I could tell it had just rained. I looked in all of the women’s barracks to see if their was anyone still alive. At the look of each barrack with all the women and children lying their dead my heart sank deeper. I couldn’t wrap my head around how there was around a hundred thousand people staying there and I was the only known survivor. Before the war they all had families and jobs and now they lay here at my feet dead. I couldn’t bear to see the looks of anguish of the faces so I stopped looking. There was no food anywhere and I was exhausted. The soldiers thought everyone here was dead so they weren’t coming back so I had to find a way to escape. I started to walk into the woods. I ate some of the plants and berries along the way and tried to kill some smaller animals for meat. I finally made it out of the woods into a farmer's fields. Luckily, the farmer was Jewish and let me stay in his barn. He and his wife snuck food out to me as much as they could. Once I had regained my strength I left them, I was causing them more trouble than I was worth. I was sixteen years of age and ninety-three pounds. My shot wounds were starting to heal and I was starting to mentally recover. They told me the safest place to go was Israel. I took off with a sack of food a pair of shoes and two sets of clothes and the prayers from those two
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