Dose Facebook Has a Strategy? Essay example

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Facebook Mini Case

1. Why is Facebook the number-one social media company, and not Myspace which enjoyed a first-mover advantage?
The reason why Facebook replaced Myspace as the most popular social networking site is the different strategy they applied. Myspace’s strategy was getting more profit by concentrate on a few developed markets, since it owned by a public company and had a hard pressure of profitability. However, Facebook was a private company at the beginning and get some investment from investment group, so it didn’t have the pressure to make a lot of profit and revenue. For this reason, Facebook applied a real global strategy. The first target for Facebook is more users, and then profit. Since the strategy Facebook
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Because of this, Facebook is losing its users. Although it has 2.2 billion registers, many of these are no longer active.

4. What top-three recommendations would you give Mr. Zuckerberg? Why? Support your argument.
In my opinion, the most important thing Mr. Zuckerberg should do is call users back. There are three recommendations that I would give to Mr. Zuckerberg. The first one is finding a concentration or characteristic which is different from other social networking sites and attractive as well. LinkedIn is more for work. It attracts people who want to find a job and people who want to hire a person. Twitter is micro blog which was designed for the people who only want to write one sentence blog. Instergram is for the people who prefer to post pictures by smart phone. Facebook need to find an attractive concentration. The second one is organized some activities both online and real world. is the most popular social networking site in China. It always holds some activities to let user attend. It also issues some topic to let users to discuss. No matter people like or unlike, agree or disagree, they attend. The third recommendation is invite famous people register in Facebook and post photos and blogs. Famous people usually have a lot of fans which is a large user group for Facebook. Famous people can post photos and blogs and interact with

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