Dose Gender Affect Memory?

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50Dose Gender Affect Memory?
I believe that many other students like me that would like to believe that if a student got a good memory then his or her college life will be much easier. Having a good memory means you can easily remember and recall what you have heard from professors, or what you have read from textbooks. So, what is memory? Is that really so mysterious? In definition, memory is an organism's ability to store and retrieve information over time. Nowadays, people already know that how importantly and complicated the memory works. Simply saying, there are three functions of memory, which is encoding, storage, and retrieval. We transform what we perceive, think, or feel into an enduring memory, then maintain
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Men are better at memorizing words associated with their interests, like baseball or car. So obviously, gender does affect memory, but just does not work as what we predicate. It seems like people are more capable of memorizing the term that related to cue socially defined roles and objects assigned to those roles. Klucken stated, “Pants are now ‘masculine and feminine’ whereas once pants were only male. We learn things that are culturally acceptable very quickly, especially in more urban areas as social interactions generally occur more often. The more times you are told ‘this is for boys, that is for girls’ the more likely you are going to associate that object with the gender society assigns to it, and it's importance in general and for that gender role.” So does it mean for short-term memory women will primarily remember the feminine objects but men will more easily remember the masculine objects?
As we know, as information enter the short-term memory, it will attract your attention or you have to pay attention. It is true that female will more easily attracted by feminine objects and men will more easily attracted by masculine objects. However, it is not absolutely right. For example, if we give the same words to a group of all the males that are in love, I believe the result points out that they primarily remember the world such as flower or candy and then 3 or 4 words out of the rest words will be memorized. I predicate that because
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