Dose Rate Of Thallium Injection During Stress Test And Thallium

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1. Name of student

2. Title of project
Investigation to establish the dose rate profile for some nuclear cardiology procedures.
3. Supervisor(s)
Andrew Fielding
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Science and Technology
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
City Centre, QLD 4000
Australia - Brisbane
Ph: +61 7 3138 5325
4. detailed description of proposed project
(a) Aims
There are three aims of this project first of all to measure dose rate of thallium injection during stress test and Thallium (Tl) and Technetium (Tc99m) dose rate at various locations during patient scan using the Smart Ion detector. Secondly to measure dose rate of Tc99m received during drawing up and checking of the doses using personal electronic diode based dose meter. Finally to measure the dose rate received by the staff when they give Tc99m injection to the patients using personal diode based dose meter.
(b) Justification.
Radiation protection is the science of protecting the public and the surrounding atmosphere from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation (both particle radiation and high energy electromagnetic radiation).Particle radiation is produced by of very fast-moving subatomic particles, where all particles are moving in the same way, similar to a light beam.

There are three factors that control and minimise the amount, or dose, of radiation received from a source; time, distance and shielding. The combination of these factors…

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