Dosimeter Paper

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Cathleen Keliiliki Physics 167 Dosimeter Paper For this study, I had two very specific options for the eight hour dosage. One was Friday, November 3rd, which would consist of piano lessons, and the other, a BYU Women's Rugby Game. Unfortunately -- and fortunately -- I ended up participating in the whole game resulting in me not being able to wear the dosimeter, though I was tempted to give the mic to my bellowing Fijian coach instead. In the end, I decided to use my musical side, and measure the levels that occurred during that period of time. The highest peaks seen on the graphs are due to the musical intonations I am performing. This could be measured by whether I used a pedal or not, what song I was playing, and whether that song was played Legato or Staccato. Because there are so many factors to how an instrument may affect the levels. For example, on the second graph we see the levels peak at 11:30 - 11:40, times where I was playing scales; scales without any soft or smooth rhythm, but rather loud and consistent patterns. The max reached close to 85 Leq, decreasing soon after and increasing once again towards the end of the lessons where I was playing my concert pieces. These implicate when I may have been playing loud and dense melodies, such…show more content…
Where one consisted of an instrument being playing in a small and cramped practice room another displayed the levels of a team of over 30 girls playing rugby in a very open field. It is interesting how the levels seem to both show height and peaking, but neither one correlates with the other besides the fact that they are attached to my daily and very unusual life. In conclusion, I was able to learn a lot about how the dosimeter works, its measurements and the sounds that influence my day-to-day
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