Dostoevsky Isolation

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To further the understanding of the reader, the author takes us back into the Underground Man’s past to show how there was no singular cause of his present isolation rather he has been this way for many years. During the beginning of the realism period of writing, Notes from Underground was considered to be first of its kind. Dostoevsky used his own experiences and the political situation that occurred during that time to bring out the very real character like the Underground Man. There were several instances where Dostoevsky uses his writing to make the reader seem almost dumb. “Naturally, I didn’t sustain any friendships with my colleagues...” the beginning of the sentence indicates that the reader should simply expect the Underground Man to lose contact with everyone (Dostoyevsky, pg. 661). This may be reflective of the character or the author’s own personality showing through the character. The majority of the text was bringing rise to realism as a genre there are several parts that can still be…show more content…
With the advances that have happened with psychology and science, now it’s easier to place individuals like the Underground Man in categories which help to better understand him. He appeared to be an extreme introvert, which makes sense since he so easily claimed that he would lose contact with many people he spent a majority of his youth around. Having an admiration for books and the stories they tell can also be considered an introvert characteristic since it demands alone time. It just so happens that many introverts are harder to love due to their lack of communication skills considering they spend so much time alone. The Underground Man is an extreme case of introversion, I think the reader sees a glimmer of the man he could have been when he meets Liza. She was probably the only person who tried to get to know him despite his negative
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