Dostoevsky 's Crime And Punishment

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Throughout the novel, Crime and Punishment, the prime focus is the continuous struggle between good and evil. Characters like Raskolnikov, Marmeladov, Sonya, and Svidrigailov would be considered horrible people upon first glance, but when you dig deeper they each possess goodness despite their wrongdoings. However, Each character possess different levels of morality, some more than others. Dostoevsky exposes these different levels between characters like Sonya and Svidrigailov.
The novel starts of with Raskolnikov entering into collusion with evil. He is taken over by it and lets evil enter his soul. Nevertheless, Raskolnikov’s ultimate responsibility is never denied by Dostoevsky. In fact, he shows that Raskolnikov must reclaim his soul for salvation by accepting that responsibility. But his soul is taken over by evil, almost unknowingly.
The former scholarly and practical mind of Raskolnikov is replaced with day-dreaming and fantasizing. He seeks an easy way out of his problems, solutions that don’t require any work and ignore the demands of the real world. Interestingly, even though he wanders off in a peculiar state, he always seems to happen upon a series of coincidences that he fortunately, for his sake, takes note of. In reality these coincidences are just accidents, but in Raskolnikov’s mind they possess significance.
Because of this, Raskolnikov is pushed towards actions he would rather avoid. At first when he falls upon the idea of murdering Alyona he finds it…
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