Double Abc X Model Essay

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FAMILY TRANSITIONS AND FAMILY MOVES The Double ABCX model provides a tool for assessing post-crisis variables in families. Interestingly, not all families go into crisis but instead they achieve a balance in functioning by either bonadapting or maladapting. While others may go into crisis and maladapt which was the situation with my family 30 years ago. A brief background of my family will provide some meaning to our family structure. My parents were both born and raised in Muncie, Indiana at a time when the economy was not strong. My father was the fourth of five siblings in a household dominated by a physically abusive and alcoholic father. My mother lost both of her parents at a young age. I would learn later in life that my father…show more content…
CRISIS (1969) The relocation to California from Indiana created immense change within our family structure. We lived in the camper for a several months at a KOA campground in San Jose. My father was unable to find work and found himself making ends meet by working the graveyard shift as a janitor at a hospital in downtown San Jose. He was much too intelligent for this type of work. My mother started work as a clerk at the KOA campground where we were living. Soon after arriving to San Jose, my parents enrolled us in the local public school system which seemed odd at the time because we were so accustomed to the rigid catholic regimen. Initially, I believe my parents suffered the most from this move because they no longer had the security of owning a home and their income had decreased substantially. They both had to work full-time to make ends meet. More importantly, all of our social connections with relatives and friends were gone. At the time when we moved I was a 12 year old sixth grader, healthy, curious, energetic, and athletic; my father (Jeff) was in his early 40's, athletic build, healthy, reserved and quiet; my mother (Liz) was also in her early 40's healthy, outgoing, talkative; energetic and caring, my older sister (Sally) was a 14 year old eighth grader, health, independent, talkative and energetic; my younger brother (Mark) was an 11 year old, fifth grader, healthy, quiet, balanced and
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