Double Cross System

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In May, 1940 when Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, he wanted ‘fifth columnists’ be rooted out completely because he felt that they were working behind to aid Hitler and could not accept that the victories of Germany from Western Europe to Norway could entirely be caused by their weapons and tactical superiority. He realised that Vernon Kell, the head of security service had stayed on for far too long so he replaced him with ‘Jasper’ Hacker who was also not up to the task and he too was changed in a period that the entire Security Service appear to be chaotic after Hitler’s invasion in France and Mi5 inability to cope with huge increase in business. The MI5 progressed immediately Sir David Petrie became Director General and successfully…show more content…
From January 1941 onwards, double agents number increased, and all the fake information sent to Germans intelligence by double Agents was coordinated by the Twenty Committee (‘XX’ is a double cross and roman numeral for figure 20) which had been established under the chairmanship of an Oxford historian, J. C. Masterman, recruited by MI5. Among the double agents, the greatest of all was Juan Pujol, a young Spaniard code named, GARBO who infiltrated the Nazi camp in collaboration with his MI5 case officer, Tomás Harris. Garbo was highly rated by the Germans as their best spy in UK and awarded him the Iron Cross, (Second Class) in recognition for his so called 'perfect and cherished work in the supreme and decisive hours of the struggle for the future of Europe'.Whiles the British regarded him as the greatest secret agent of the war. The Allies admired his exceptional deceptive qualities of dealing with issues in respect of deceiving Germans and gave him the code name “Garbo,” because he was the greatest actor they had ever seen. One of the remarkable things about double agent is that both camps have some sort of believe in whatever he says and act
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