Double Helix Research Paper

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Francis Crick asked, “Well, what do you observe?” It was then in late January 1953 that we made the discovery. My heart was racing, I knew that this picture that Crick held up in his hand, now known as photo 51, was the key that led to the discovery, the discovery that revolutionized science and changed it into a state that it had never seen before. The photo, though still grainy, was the best we saw and portrayed a diffraction pattern of DNA that would forever revolutionize science. “This is the best proof that DNA exists in a double helix structure, though it only shows it qualitatively.” I responded. It had long been a mystery at how DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, was regarded, and how it was able to perform actions, like translating, replicating, etc. on a large scale with minimal error. This was just the spark that we needed to finally comprehend the structure of DNA. Not long after, Crick and I…show more content…
I started to write, writing about the discovery that my colleagues and I had made in a book that I titled, “The Double Helix : A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA.” I had thoroughly taken into account of the actions that occurred throughout 1953, when we made the discovery, which felt so long ago. I made sure to include everyone that participated in this discovery in this book, including Franklin. Though some of the readers may conclude, when they read this book, that I had a sexist attitude towards Franklin, but I don’t. I was only trying to paint the best picture of what I was living through at the time of the discoveries. In an attempt to make sure that Franklin was properly receiving the credit she deserved, I wrote an epilogue dedicated to her and her vital contributions to the project, and I also owned up to my wrongdoings towards her in the past. As I read my draft a final time in 1968 before it was sent off to the publishers, I said to
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