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Double Helix by Nancy Werlin

Chapter Summaries:
1) Eli Samuels is anxious to meet Dr. Wyatt and he paces in the waiting area. He dates a girl known as Viv. Dr. Wyatt finally appears and beckons him to follow.

2) Dr. Wyatt’s office appeared to be like a large closet. Eli is six foot seven and Dr. Wyatt says that he will stop growing at six foot eleven. Eli is the Salutatorian at his school because he let Viv have Valedictorian. Dr. Wyatt knew Eli’s mother. Eli is offered to work at Wyatt Transgenics for a year. He shakes Dr. Wyatt’s hand to accept this offer.
3) Viv and Eli met each other in the boys’ room in the fifth grade. Both were trying to stop Asa Barnes from being beaten up. They both had their own plans, but changed it at
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He is greeted by this surprised guess in a white tennis outfit. Her name is Kayla Matheson and she seems to call Dr. Wyatt “Q”. Dr. Wyatt explains that she is staying to help with a new book he will by writing. Eli seems to be thinking a lot about Kayla because she is very hot.
14) Eli stood his date up Viv. He justified that she would understand that he was the guest of Dr. Wyatt and that he has to be courteous. Dr. Wyatt discusses more about his book over dinner. He thought that he could go home, apologize a thousand times, and that she would forgive him.
15) Viv thought something terrible could have happened to him. Eli said that he was sorry to Viv a thousand times. His father figured that he was at Wyatt’s and said that Eli acted like a cad. Eli offers to make up for it by taking her out tomorrow, but she refuses to. A cad was something that was thoughtless, rude, cowardly, and stupid. Eli discovers that Viv snooped around and found out the truth about his parents. He went off on her and in the end they broke up.
16) The next morning, Eli just went running beside the river. He thinks about calling Kayla to hang out later. He goes back home and his dad confronts him about the break up. His dad apparently already knew about Eli and Viv dating. Eli called him a liar, but his dad brought up the fact that he had sex with her in March last year. The dad gets on to Eli saying that he shouldn’t go through this alone.
17) He goes to work. It felt strange
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