Double Major In Fashion Design And Apparel Industry

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In five years I expect myself to have graduated from FIDM with a double major in Fashion Design and Apparel Industry Management. I expect myself to have designed multiple wedding dresses. My biggest goal is to have my own bridal shop which is my biggest dream because I feel as if I'm making every woman's dream come true on their special day. My hobbies include drawing in any way I can to help my drawing skills, shopping which helps with getting ideas of outfits to make with the clothes I already have at home because that helps with saving money, and baking cakes, cookies, etcetera because it helps relieve my stress. My most favorite interest would be collecting shoes because shoes are my way of showing my attitude and how I feel for the day. For example, if I wear my heels then I'm going to be fierce but if I wear my Converse, I will go throughout my day in a happy mood. I have become fascinated with sugar skulls because of the designs all around their skull and how they are created.…show more content…
They really captivate me because of everything it has to offer me. Through fashion design, I will be able to create works of art through fabric with my original wedding gowns.
One of my goals is when I am creating someone's wedding gown, I won't turn them down because of their large size but I don't mean ladies that have a big body frame ("big boned), I mean ladies with that are truly overweight and don't feel that their figure can compete with . I will bring them in my shop and make them look as if they are the most beautiful woman that has ever lived and that their spouse has ever laid eyes on. I hope to make them feel as
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