Double Murder Essay

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I watched the Fox news on Monday night at 10. These are the stories that most caught my attention.
• Double Murder in McKinney
­ A developing story of the murder of two sisters who were killed Monday afternoon. One of the victims is the wife of the suspect, and the other was her twin sister. According to McKinney P D they received a call at 5:40 for a domestic violence shooting, the officers found the two woman dead at the home. The suspect is in custody and is awaiting questioning.
• 13 Year Old Drowns
­ A 13 year old girl swim team member dies, after an accident at the Carroll School District Aquatic Center. Others students noticed Elise under water, called for help and the coach administered CPR but failed.
• Homeowner Shoots Home Invader
­ The suspected entered the Balch Spring home and exchange fire with the homeowner. The homeowner was uninjured, but the police found the suspected burglar nearby with gunshots and was flown to a hospital.
• Orlando Gunman 911 Call
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The first thing I realized was that most of the stories being covered were negative. All that unnecessary gun violence. Of the five gun related reports only in one incident was the gun used for protection. The only story thats had shred of positivity was a report on the TCU baseball team visiting a hospital in the sports section of the news. One of the things I enjoyed hearing was that the FBI didn’t release the gunman’s relation with ISIS. I find it idiotic how everyone wants to know more about the crazed homophobic gunman (who is already dead) but no one wants to be updated on the 50 victims who are still in the hospital fighting for their lives. It has gotten to the point where people like that man are doing these horrible things for the attention. Clearly media focuses on the bad thing but why don’t they talk about the good things. Imagine if people with straight A’s were on CNN, but all we get for that is a bumper
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