Double Standard For A Daughter And Son

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I remember when I did not want to dress up in girly clothes like colorful shirts, skirts or dresses. I also did not want to put my hair in a ponytail or a bun; I just brush my hair down and put a hat on. I wore a plain dark shirt and black sweats. My brothers’ wanted to cause trouble and told my mother’s that I was not dressing like a lady. She yell at me about how I am a girl and I have to dress this way. I then told my mother’s and my brothers’ that they were victims of social media because they wanted me to dress the way that the girls around my age dress. The prime explain of double standard is the way a daughter and son are treated. The double standard for a daughter and son exist because, they have to maintain an image, their family beliefs and culture. For one thing, a son has a different image to maintain compare to the daughter. Sons are usually treated tougher than a daughter. In some families, when it came down to sports the sons have to take part in it. With regards to this, in my family all four of my brothers’ played a sport. Some of them were willing to play a sport and some were force, because our father felt that playing a sport will toughing them up for the real world. However, he never force me or ask me to play a sport like my brothers’. My father treated me really gentle as if I was a fragile little thing, but I was just as tough as my brothers’. Robert Franklin from New York Time said “In short, girls tend to get more of their parent’s affection,
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