Double Standards And Relying Too Much On Technology

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Double standards and relying too much on technology Bernard Beckett’s novel Genesis explains how a plan for a better society resulted in the elimination of a whole civilization and can transform a utopia to a dystopia. One major reason the utopian society failed is the Artificial Intelligence Program, which was a result in the Last War, which intended to make things easier, but actually made things very devastating. The Artificial Intelligence Program maintained some robots with a virus, which lead to the real last war called the Great was. The Great War was a battle between the robots, and the entire human civilization which ended up being the end of the human population. One major flaw with Genesis’s plan for a utopian society is how it is greatly expressed in the novel that technology is a great danger and will be the reason for the elimination of the human population, but yet the program stills continues because people can’t disconnect themselves from technology and this is the reason why the androids overthrew the humans. Another example is how the androids killed off the humans and it was a major rule that killing is forbidden. It is very clear that the rules have double standards, and this is a major reason why this utopia turned into a muddled dystopian society. Technology is very dangerous when it is over used and relied on more than one’s ability. When the Great War between the androids and the humans finally ended, the androids eliminated all the human…
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