Double Standards in the West

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As a result, what may well have been part of the power struggle among Soviet leaders after Stalin’s death is closely connected with the present crisis.
At the time, it seemed a matter of little importance or concern, since it involved no more than a shifting of borders within the Soviet Union. But, soon the situation changed with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s becoming a sovereign state that included Crimea — an area with a majority Russian population — which has now led to the unintended consequences that have taken place over the last few weeks. After the break up of the Soviet Union it became obvious that the leaders of the Russian Federation didn’t welcome attempts by the European Union and NATO to extend their sphere of influence into countries once part of the Soviet Union nor did they approve of any of the former Soviet satellite states encouraging this influence. Furthermore, it has also become well known that Putin and many others within the Russian government, along with his allies elsewhere, dislike the detachment of Crimea from Russia for a multitude of reasons, not limited to the historic and…

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