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It is a human nature to be somewhat terrified to the unknown. However, the world is a giant conglomerate of doubt. An extensive analysis is subjected to an extensive doubt. On the other hand, humans continuously seek for certainty regarding a specific situation. We want to be certain and aware on what is coming, in order to be prepared and fully know the truths. However, is it possible for humans to achieve certainty with everything? What would the world be like if humans do not have any hint of doubt?

The avenue of philosophy is primarily about addressing the fundamental questions regarding reality, existence and truth in order to fulfil one’s curiosity. Philosophizing is asking the right questions to come up with the right answers. Relevantly, the feeling of doubt impels man to ask philosophical
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A. Understanding Doubt

Doubt is generally defined as a state of mind; some would say an affliction of the mind. “It refers to a condition in which one is unable or unwilling to accept, on the face of it, a given statement as true.”1 When we say we are in doubt, what we mean is that we are not altogether certain about the correctness of a proposition, the reliability of a person or even the existence of something.

Not all doubts are created equal. Doubt in its various forms exists. One of these is in the form of quotidian doubt which is pertains to suspecting that the proponent of a proposition is most probably not telling the truth, and at the same time, may even have reason to do so. For instance, when a very probable suspect who is questioned by the police asserts that he is truly innocent, one may not accept the statement as absolutely true.

Additionally, if a doctor were to tell a close relative of a seriously ill patient that there is a very good chance of recovery, one may have some doubts about what the physician

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