Doubt John Patrick Shanley Doubt Play Summary

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Who I believe the author is telling the truth In 2002, on the wave of scandalous revelations and inaction, the Vatican issued guidelines specifying what to do with allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests. He urged that all cases be referred to Rome, but did not even mention the reports to local law enforcement agencies. In 2004, a report commissioned by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States detailed the charges of sexual harassment committed by Catholic priests in 1950-2002, and in the same year debuted the play by Pulitzer Prize winner John Patrick Shanley, "Doubt. Parable", which then moved to Broadway, and then – and to the big screen. Provocative at any level, the play displayed the mores of that time, forcing…show more content…
For some reason - maybe, just according to the sixth sense or on the basis of past experience, or because of the deep envy of Flynn's father's popularity - Sister Aloysia suspects the man that he was harassing Donald. And she brilliantly manipulates Sister James, convincing her to confirm these suspicions. She also appeals for support to Donald's mother (Anne Joseph), who tells her what she is not able to fully understand or condemn. Then she catches Flynn's father on deception, which only strengthens her confidence in his guilt. At the same time, Father Flynn explains his relationship with Donald to Sister James, and she is convinced that his actions are dictated by humanity and quite logical. But to the question whether the priest is not a dangerous manipulator, there is still no answer. To whom and what can you believe? After all, Sister Aloysia understands the structure of the authority of the church and knows that she cannot report her suspicions to the bishop. If Sister Aloysia is right, then we see how carefully the secrets of the church are hidden. If she is mistaken, then we are aware of all the evil that brings intrigues and
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