Douglas C. Baynton: Article Analysis

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Paper 4 Throughout the semester I can personally say that I have improved as a writer. I always knew that I was not a good as a writer that I should have been, but because I took this class, it definitely helped me with my writing skills. The first essay we were assigned, was in my opinion, the best essay I wrote for the class. In the article, “Disability and the Justification of inequality in American History”, author Douglas C. Baynton, justifies the correlation between the different types of language that are used to convey a firm attribute towards a social group, and as a result, cause stereotypes. Thus, these languages can cripple an oppressed group and form intense inequality. In Baynton’s article, he concluded that disability plays a role into the lives of women and minority groups. The reason why I believed that this was my best essay was because I believe I had very strong evidence that supported Douglas C. Baynton’s claims. I provided evidence for all the minority groups that Baynton mentions in his article. Overall, my essay, met all the requirements.
However, there were some things I needed to work on. When it was time for class peer review checks, I received the same criticism for each of my essays. Especially, for my first essay, that I though was perfect. My peers, and my professor
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Lucky, I had some background knowledge regarding analytical reading. The first day of class, the professor went through a long PowerPoint that explained the significance of analytical reading. However, analytical reading in college is different from analytical reading in high school. I brought some experiences into the class. Such as knowing how to look beyond the given text and interpret it in a different way. Nevertheless, it was difficult. The reason why is because a college level course is much more difficult than a high school course. A college level course requires more sophisticated

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