Douglas Conant : Recipe For A Ceo

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Douglas Conant: Recipe for a CEO When Douglas Conant left his high profile position at Nabisco and became CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company in 2001, he inherited a company whose products had been a staple in the pantries of consumers since the late nineteenth century. However, despite a strong brand name and wide range of products, the company faced a slipping economy, tough competition, and a broken internal infrastructure. The organizational culture at Campbell’s was extremely weak, forcing Conant to make tough decisions and restructure the soup company from the inside out. His decision to fix the organization’s internal environment ensured that employees were engaged, excited, and had their voices heard. His leadership skills and friendly comradery with employees helped to improve performance. Conant felt that employees who were driven to succeed and who shared the company’s vision and goals, would have a ripple effect throughout the organization (Reyes, 2001). This proved to be true, and under Conant’s guidance and leadership, Campbell’s was able to introduce many new products, revamp marketing with new and improved strategies, and break through to international markets. His tenure as CEO set the company up for continued success, where goals were accomplished, organizational change occurred, and strategies were implemented to motivate employees by promoting from within and encouraging teamwork and creative ideas. PLANNING & DECISION MAKING Conant targeted much of

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