Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Essay

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Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

Biography of Douglas McGregor

Douglas McGregor was born on 1906 in Detroit, America. In 1895, it was here that his grandfather, Thomas McGregor started his business and given its name as, McGregor Institute. The business provides assistance to Great Lakes sailors and other transient labour. The
Institute provided shelter, warmth and food to approximately 100 men every year. When Thomas McGregor passed away, his son Murray McGregor
(Douglas’s father) continued to manage the business. During high school, Douglas McGregor worked as a night clerk and played the piano and organ at the chapel services. At work, he became familiar with the employees and their problems. In 1936, McGregor
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At M.I.T., McGregor spent two thirds of his time at teaching and as an
Executive Director of the Industrial Relations Section. He spent one third of his time as a consultant. Between 1943 and 1945, he had left
M.I.T to work at Dewey Almy Company, which manufactures rubber goods.
He was a Director of Industrial Relations in that institution. Since
1940, he has been a consultant in human relations for that industry.

The general manager of Dewey Almy Company stated that McGregor liked to explore and experiment in human relations with the company. The company offered McGregor a free-hand in determining its industrial relations policy because; many of his experiments became very successful. The business and the workmen have full confidence in him.

For many years, McGregor worked as a consultant for several industries and labour undone in the East and Middle West. He has taken care of the wage and salary administration, contract negotiation, foreman training, grievance handling, executive development programs, union and management co-operation programs and problems of organisational structure and function.

He has been a member of the panel of arbitration of the American
Arbitration and tree labour disputes for various companies and union.
McGregor has been a speaker for management and labour groups in United
States and Canada. Also, he has been in charge of conferences on human

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