Douglas Mcgregor Essay

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Professor Madrid
Organizational Behavior
1 June 2010
Douglas McGregor: The Father of Theory X; Theory Y Douglas McGregor is one of the founding fathers of organizational behavior management thinking. As a social psychologist, McGregor is most known for his Theory X and Theory Y from his 1960 book The Human Side of Enterprise, which revolutionized the view on how management should run the workplace. After earning an A B.E. Mechanical from Rangoon Institute of Technology, McGregor went on to earn an A.B. from Wayne State University, and went on to study Psychology at Harvard. After graduating from Harvard with a PhD, McGregor was the first full time psychologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He helped create its
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Consequently, the only way that employees can attempt to satisfy higher level needs at work is to seek more compensation, so it is quite predictable that they will focus on monetary rewards. While money may not be the most effective way to self-fulfillment, it may be the only way available. People will use work to satisfy their lower needs, and seek to satisfy their higher needs during their leisure time. Unfortunately, employees can be most productive when their work goals align with their higher level needs.
McGregor makes the point that a command and control environment is not effective because it relies on lower needs for motivation, but in modern society those needs are mostly satisfied and thus no longer motivate. In this situation, one would expect employees to dislike their work, avoid responsibility, have no interest in organizational goals, resist change, etc., thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. To McGregor, motivation seemed more likely with the Theory Y model.
Theory Y The higher-level needs of esteem and self-actualization are continuing needs in that they are never completely satisfied. As such, it is these higher-level needs through which employees can best be motivated.
In strong contrast to Theory X, Theory Y leadership makes the following general assumptions: * Work can be as natural as play if the conditions are favorable. * People will be self-directed and creative to
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